Best Dracula Tours in Brasov

Romania is well-known for being the home of Transylvania. A forested area that is rich in history and legend. Located on the border of this mysterious land is Bran Castle, the former home of Vlad the Impaler, the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s “Dracula”.

If you are in Romania, or in the ancient city of Brasov, visiting this infamous castle must definitely find its way onto your bucket list. Explore the home of the once terrifying Prince of Wallachia and the even more terrifying home of the original vampire.

Dracula Private Day Trip

This 12-hour tour is the best way to see some of the most important and historically important buildings in the area around Brasov. You can visit the Peles Palace, the Rasnov Fortress, and of course, Bran Castle.

You will start your tour at the 17th century Sinaia Monastery, which was inspired by the Monastery at Mount Sinai. Next stop, is the amazing Peles Palace. Next is the Rasnov Fortress, and then finally you will visit Bran Castle.

Explore the castle and its surrounds and discover more about the legend of Dracula and his victims. Vlad the Impaler called this castle home, and we are sure you will leave feeling unnerved, yet intrigued.

Bear Sanctuary, Bran Castle, and Rasnov Fortress Tour

If you are looking to include more nature and wildlife into your day tour, this bear sanctuary, Brand Castle, and Rasnov Fortress day tour is most definitely for you. The castle is infamous, the fortress is mysterious, and the bears are incredible.

The Bear Sanctuary is 70 hectares of a glorious landscape that is home to a number of rescued bears. All these bears were rescued from abuse and trauma, and now live a happy and carefree life in this wonderful sanctuary.

Bran Castle requires no introduction and is a must for any fans of history and horror. Explore the grounds of Vlad the Impalers former home, as well as the castle that inspired Dracula.

6 Day Tour of Transylvanian Castles

This incredible 6-day tour will take you around every castle in the Transylvania area. Including the Gothic wonder that is Bran Castle. You will discover a lot more than just the legend of Dracula.

You will explore the castles and palaces that Romanian Kings and royalty called home, as well as castles once built and dominated by the Ottomans or Saxons. Bran Castle is the obvious highlight, but with many lesser-known wonders to discover on the way.

Fortified Churches and Castles Tour

Romania is also known for having many beautiful and ancient churches. Most of them were fortified by invading forces centuries ago to protect them, or to be used for their own purposes.

After exploring these churches, the tour will also take you to the White Tower, the Rasnov Citadel, and of course, Bran Castle. This tour is a must for any lover of ancient architecture.


Dracula is one of the most famous figures in Romanian history. Even though he is fictional, you can still explore the castle of Vlad the Impaler, the infamous Wallachian prince who inspired the legend. This is a trip and our you should mos definitely not miss.

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