Best Adventure Tours Brasov

If you are wanting to experience something new, or have an adventure during your time in Brasov, these tours are ideal for you. There aren’t any city walking tours or food tours on this list, just straight up blood-pumping adventure.

Snowshoe Tour

If you are lucky enough to be visiting Brasov during the winter, you will arrive in a beautiful winter wonderland that looks like it came straight out of a Middle Ages fairy tale. The best way to explore it? Snowshoeing.

With different paths to suit each skill and fitness level, this walking tour takes you around the forests surrounding the city of Brasov. Discover the secrets of the ancient forests, as well as stopping to enjoy some of the beautiful views and sights.

Brasov 4×4 Tour

If hiking isn’t for you, but you still want to explore the wild of Brasov, a 4×4 tour is a choice for you. Travel far and wide as you drive through the isolated forests and discover some incredibly unique areas surrounding Brasov.

The half-day tour is flexible, allowing you to leave in the morning or afternoon. You and your small group will receive some of the best personal services as you explore the countryside and discover some of the native wildlife.

Park Adventura

Park Adventura is the biggest adventure park in Eastern Europe and is perfect for family or group fun. This all-inclusive adventure allows you to spend an hour or two, or the whole day, exploring the forest and canopies.

There are 14 different tracks and departure points, each of them ranging in difficulty, allowing for old and young, beginner and experts to all enjoy the park, with the highest track reaching 20 m up, a must, if you are brave enough.

Canyoning Dambovicioara Gorge

If you are more of an adrenaline junkie, this full day canyoning adventure of the Dambovicioara Gorges is a must. You travel from Brasov, and you will reach Podul Dambovitei, before descending 880m down into the canyon.

The canyoning experience is a once in a lifetime adventure and something you will never forget. While on the tour, you can also visit the ancient citadel of Oratia and the Dambovicioara Cave.


You may think Brasov is just full of spectacular views and beautiful scenery, you aren’t wrong, but you can experience them all in unique ways. Whether it be in the snow, an adventure park, or hiking, you can experience Brasov in a new way every single day.

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